Electronic Search And Seizure And Your Right To Privacy

Electronic devices are used in every aspect of our lives, from conducting business to managing finances and for personal communication. As such, our computers house very personal — and private — information.

While the law does recognize a right to privacy in electronic data, that right is limited and your personal computer, cellphone, external hard drive and other electronic devices can be searched and seized as part of a criminal investigation. However, that does not mean that police can invade your privacy and search your electronic devices whenever they want.

At the law office of Peter D. Zellmer, PLLC, in Greensboro, North Carolina, lawyer Peter D. Zellmer protects clients throughout the triad area against invasions of privacy during the electronic search and seizure of electronic data.

Mr. Zellmer is known by his peers and former clients as an aggressive and effective legal advocate who gets results.

Protecting Your Constitutional Rights During Criminal Investigations

As a former prosecutor with the District Attorney's Office, Peter D. Zellmer knows the law and its limits. He knows when police overstep.

When defending clients against online criminal charges — such as online solicitation, child pornography, or bank or wire fraud — he looks first at the methods used to gather evidence. If police did not have probable cause for an arrest, if they searched without a warrant or without a valid exception to the warrant requirement, or if they exceeded the scope of a warrant during a search of electronic files, he will fight to have evidence withheld and charges dropped.

Were Your Fourth Amendment Rights Violated?

If you have been charged with an online sex crime, or other computer-related crime, contact Peter D. Zellmer, PLLC. Mr. Zellmer will make sure your Fourth Amendment rights are protected. Call 336-274-1168 for a free initial phone consultation.

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