Can I Be Removed From The Sex Offender Registry

If you were convicted of a sex offense in North Carolina, you may eventually be able to remove your name from the sex offender registry. However, the laws surrounding removal are complex. Your best chance at success comes from working with an experienced criminal law attorney like Peter D. Zellmer. He will sit down with you, review your case and advise you on your rights. If you are eligible for removal, he will be the strong advocate you need.

Who Is Eligible?

If you were convicted of a sexually violent offense, have been convicted of multiple sex offenses or were convicted of a sex crime against a child under 12 years old, you are required to register for life. The only way to have your name removed from the list is to overturn your conviction.

Other sex offenders are typically required to register for 15 years. However, after 10 years you can petition to have your names removed from the list.


How To Have Your Name Removed From The Sex Offender Registry

If your conviction is 10 years old, you can petition to have your name removed from the sex offender list. However, the court does not have to grant your request. If the following three items are met, the court may decide to grant removal:

  • First, you have not been convicted for any additional sex offenses that would require registration.
  • Second, removing your name from the list would not violate any federal laws, such as the Jacob Wetterling Act.
  • Third, the court finds you are not a threat to the public.

After your petition is filed, there will be a hearing. At the hearing, you — or your lawyer — will have the opportunity to speak and present evidence in support of your petition. The District Attorney's Office is also be notified of your petition and will have the opportunity to present evidence against your request at the hearing. If the court finds in your favor, your information will be removed from the registry.


Call Peter D. Zellmer, PLLC, For More Information

You may be wondering if you need an attorney. While it is not required, it is in your best interests. During the hearing, you will be going up against an experienced litigator and a judge with wide discretion. It is important to have someone with legal knowledge and courtroom experience advocating on your behalf.

Located in Greensboro, Peter D. Zellmer, PLLC, helps individuals in the triad area and throughout North Carolina petition the court for removal from the sex offender registry. To learn more, call 336-274-1168 or contact Mr. Zellmer online. Initial consultations are free.

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